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  • Phone validation to ensure you sell your services only to qualified claimants
  • Direct-buy lead generation services along with digital marketing support
  • A legal marketing platform that ties together organic reach, paid lead generation, and intake automation

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  • 18-Point Screening Process
    Don’t waste your time with low-quality leads. We bring your ideal customers right to you.
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    Convert more leads and grow your revenues by working with qualified leads that pass our vetting process.
  • Dedicated Account Manager
    Your dedicated account manager works with you to ensure your needs are always being met.

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Why did you choose Legal Growth Marketing ?

It wasn’t how they would scale my campaign; it was based on my two reps, Nicole Gant and Nkeoma Onuorah. I could tell they wanted to help the firm right off the bat. They rolled up their sleeves and got deep into the tech side working hand and hand to set up APIs” s and get the campaigns live.

Roland Perez

Marketing Director

I have had the pleasure the last couple of months working with this company and I am very impressed. They were quick and responsive and no matter what question I have they answer in a timely manner and try to help! I look forward to our future relationship together. Also, Nkeoma is the best and very personable/ patient :)

Improve CX

Alyssa Reynolds

Intake Director

Overall, the campaign had an amazing month with a conversion rate of ~  61%.
We are very grateful for our partnership.

Anonymous National Lead Buyer

 I have to ask what sort of scrubbing, targeting, and qualifying are you doing on your intakes. Because your lead quality has been outstanding recently!
You're one of my lowest accounts for returns... Frankly, I wouldn't mind getting some tips if you don't mind sharing. 

Anonymous National Lead Buyer

Make Every Lead Count With Legal Growth Marketing

  • All leads are validated ahead of time to ensure they actually require your services
  • Take advantage of our direct-buy lead generation services and digital marketing support
  • Bring organic reach, paid lead generation, and intake automation together in one marketing platform

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Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Injury Leads

Unlock your legal practice's potential for accelerated growth with Legal Growth Marketing. We specialize in personal injury leads, offering a unique combination of rigorous screening processes, call-verified leads, and comprehensive digital marketing support designed to bring you closer to clients who need your legal services.

What qualifies as a skilled personal injury lead?

A skilled personal injury lead is someone who has expressed interest in legal services for their claim and meets the specific criteria relevant to your area of practice, including details about their injury, the accident's circumstances, and their contact information.

What types of personal injury leads does Legal Growth Marketing provide?

We offer leads in several categories, including auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice, wrongful death, slip and fall accidents, and product liability, catering to the many specializations within the field.

How does Legal Growth Marketing ensure the quality of personal injury leads?

Our leads undergo a rigorous 18-point screening process, ensuring that only highly qualified leads are delivered to your practice. This process includes phone validation to confirm the claimant's interest and qualifications, ensuring you invest your time and resources in potential clients with genuine, case-ready claims.

What additional services does Legal Growth Marketing provide to support lead generation?

Beyond direct-buy lead generation, we offer a full suite of digital marketing services. This includes enhancing your firm's organic reach, using paid lead generation strategies, and implementing intake automation for efficient lead management—all integrated into a single, powerful marketing platform.

How do Legal Growth Marketing's leads differ from others?

Our leads are distinct because of our comprehensive vetting processes, which includes our 18-point screening to ensure high quality and relevance and phone validation to confirm the lead's interest and eligibility. This rigorous approach significantly increases the likelihood of conversion, setting our leads apart by delivering potential clients who are not just interested but also qualified and ready to engage your legal services.

Can Legal Growth Marketing improve conversion rates for my law firm?

Absolutely! By providing leads that have already passed through our extensive vetting process, your firm receives contacts that are more likely to convert into clients. This focused approach allows your practice to grow revenues more efficiently, as you're working with leads that are more likely to require your legal expertise.

What role does a dedicated account manager play in this service?

Your dedicated account manager is pivotal in tailoring our services to meet your specific needs. They ensure that the leads you receive are aligned with your firm's objectives and practice areas. By working closely with you, they facilitate a seamless integration of our leads into your business model, ensuring that your firm's unique requirements are consistently being met and optimizing your conversion process.

How does Legal Growth Marketing make every lead count?

We prioritize the relevance and quality of each lead. By validating all leads ahead of time, we ensure you receive leads who require your legal services, eliminating the frustration of pursuing unqualified leads. Our approach combines direct-buy lead generation with extensive digital marketing support, leveraging organic reach, paid strategies, and intake automation to maximize every opportunity for your practice.

Why choose Legal Growth Marketing for personal injury leads?

Choosing Legal Growth Marketing means partnering with a leader in legal lead generation who understands the intricacies of personal injury law and the importance of connecting law firms with qualified claimants. Our unique blend of rigorous lead screening, comprehensive digital marketing support, and dedicated personal service sets us apart, making us an invaluable asset for any personal injury law firm looking to grow their practice and improve their bottom line.

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