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You want to grow your law firm,
but low-quality leads are holding you back


The Accident Occurred Months Ago!


The Person Didn’t Have Insurance!


They Didn’t Seek Any Treatment!

We help you grow your practice,
by focusing on lead quality NOT quantity

Exclusive Technology Uncovers Quality Leads

We’ve built a system that allows us to find, qualify and nurture legal leads automatically — so you get the best quality for the best price.


Extensive Prescreening

We have an entire team dedicated to vetting every lead we sell. This includes:

  • 18-point lead assessment
  • Call-verified details
  • Multi-step quality audit

View Examples Of Leads Before Buying

No empty promises. No crazy guarantees. Instead of hard-selling you on our leads, we’ll just show you what one looks like in advance.

View a sample lead here

Only Certified Leads

Every lead is call-verified through our Specialized Legal (?) Call Center and a 2-step verification process to ensure accuracy

  • Statewide and within the statute of limitations
  • The victim was not at fault
  • They are not currently represented by an attorney
  • They were injured in the accident
    Either party had auto insurance at the time of the incident.
  • Exclusive to your firm
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What our customers say about us


Why did you choose Legal Growth Marketing ?

It wasn’t how they would scale my campaign; it was based on my two reps, Nicole Gant and Nkeoma Onuorah. I could tell they wanted to help the firm right off the bat. They rolled up their sleeves and got deep into the tech side working hand and hand to set up APIs” s and get the campaigns live.

Roland Perez

Marketing Director

I have had the pleasure the last couple of months working with this company and I am very impressed. They were quick and responsive and no matter what question I have they answer in a timely manner and try to help! I look forward to our future relationship together. Also, Nkeoma is the best and very personable/ patient :)

Improve CX

Alyssa Reynolds

Intake Director

Overall, the campaign had an amazing month with a conversion rate of ~  61%.
We are very grateful for our partnership.

Anonymous National Lead Buyer

 I have to ask what sort of scrubbing, targeting, and qualifying are you doing on your intakes. Because your lead quality has been outstanding recently!
You're one of my lowest accounts for returns... Frankly, I wouldn't mind getting some tips if you don't mind sharing. 

Anonymous National Lead Buyer

What Sets Us Apart

Features & Benefits
Calls and web lead Delivery
TCPA leadID verified
Inhouse Lead Generation
Returns & Exchanges
Call Verification
Exclusive Leads
18 Point checklist for quality certification
Dedicated Account Manager
Typical Legal Lead Generator
Legal Growth Marketing Advantage

With Legal Growth Marketing, You See Agile And Seamless Legal Lead Generation

We offer what you actually need:

  • high-value A high volume of requests for legal help
  • qualify Phone validation to ensure you sell your services only to qualified claimants
  • digital Direct-buy lead generation services along with digital marketing support
  • automation A legal marketing platform that ties together organic reach, paid lead generation, and intake automation

Get The Most Out Of Legal Growth Marketing Generated Leads

We help you land legal leads from popular categories like:

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